Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to the Energy in New Hamphire Blog

Greetings and welcome the "Energy in New Hampshire" blog. My name is Mike Mooiman and I am an Assistant Professor in the MBA program at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. I am also the academic coordinator for our MBA in Energy and Sustainability Studies. This MBA program is now in its third year and as I have developed the program and worked to create classroom material, I started hunting down information about energy issues in New Hampshire as many of our students are from the local area and I wanted information that would be interesting and relevant to them.

Well, it turns out that “hunting” was the correct word. Good information about energy in New Hampshire is out there but, like hunting for deer, it can be difficult to find, it was not always clear what I was looking at and very often I came up empty handed. However, over time I started to pull together some interesting information from different sources and I decided it was time to share this information with the broader community via a blog. So in this blog I am going to publish, every few weeks or so, short articles on energy issues that are particularly relevant or specific to New Hampshire. Some of these posts will be analyses and overviews of existing information from different sources and others will be opinion pieces or findings that are a result of my understanding of and research into New Hampshire energy matters.

As in hunting, I am pretty confident that there will be times that I will, in my analysis and opinion, completely miss the target because I don’t have all the information but that is one of the joys of blogging. Through your comments and insights I will be able to correct and update the data and posts I have presented and over time build up a useful database of information about the energy situation in New Hampshire. So please do not be shy about commenting on my posts – I want your input and perspective.

Just a quick word about my background, I am an engineer by trade but have spent a good deal of my career managing and owning businesses. During these years I have always worked at the intersection of technology, finance and energy. I developed an early interest in designing new processes, working to make them energy efficient, and getting them funded on the basis of energy savings. The energy field has always appealed to me as it is one so vitally important to our economic well being as it stands squarely at the intersection of technology, finance and policy. Even if we don’t think about it much, energy and energy issues permeate our lives and daily activities. There is nothing we do that does not have some energy component to it.
In the process of putting together the new MBA program and preparing energy courses I have learned a great deal and I am looking, via this blog, to learn more and share it with you in the process. I have also had the good fortune over the past few years managed to meet some interesting people working on energy issues in New Hampshire. Over time I will share some of their stories and projects with you.
So welcome to “Energy in New Hampshire” and don’t be shy about weighing in.

Best wishes
Mike Mooiman

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