Energy Education

The following is a list of educational institutions offering graduate level energy education or energy related short courses. 

Franklin Pierce University

A part time MBA program offered completely online. Covers all the traditional MBA subjects like Leadership, Marketing, Finance, etc. but students get to spend 25% of their studies taking coursework in the energy and sustainability field. The aim of this program is to educate energy generalists that can work in a variety of industries. Students typically complete this program in two years. Program is 100% available online. Accelerated options are available. 

Franklin Pierce Universitys online MBA program in Energy & Sustainability Studies was ranked sixth in the nation by, a ranking organization based in Austin, Texas. cited the programs broad academic approach and that students can earn their MBA completely online. Also noted was the programs accelerated course option, enabling students to complete the program in 12 months.

Boston University

Masters in Energy and Environmental Analysis

10 course Master program with a wide range of electives and specializations. Seems to be more heavily focused on the environmental side. 

John Hopkins University

10 course Masters program focused on climate change, energy law, and policies. Mainly on campus in Washington DC. One online course. 

Tulane University

Master of Management in Energy
Specialized courses include energy accounting, energy data analysis, energy economics, energy investment banking, energy modeling, energy portfolio management, energy risk management, energy strategy, and energy trading

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