Energy Blogs and Newsletters

Here is a list of blogs and newsletters that I follow and read from time to time.

RBN Energy Daily Post

Author: RBN Team and Guests
By far my favorite energy blog by informed, knowledgeable industry analysts. Mainly oil and gas focused and I have learned a ton from these guys over the years. Many of their posts have become required student reading in my energy classes. Mandatory daily reading for me. Each blog title has a musical reference of some sort or another which I appreciate. 

Energy Burrito 

Author: Matt Smith, Energy Analyst at Schneider Electric
Short, interesting comments on a whole range of energy topics. A lot of musical references as well. (What is it with energy bloggers and music?)

Do The Math

Author: Tom Murphy, Associate Professor of Physics at Univ. of California, San Diego
Lenghty, informative, numbers driven blogs on energy, sustainability, climate change and economic growth. Sometimes controversial but always interesting. 


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  2. Any thoughts on the "Pipeline" that Kinder Morgan (a for profit company) is trying to put through my town (Merrimack) and several other NH towns that can't fight K/M as Hollis did.


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